Alec Clark


This trip has been incredible for me in so many ways. I have never experienced anything like this before, and the knowledge I have acquired from this trip is far beyond what I could have acquired from reading a textbook or listening to a professor's lecture. Being able to watch medical professionals interact with patients, while also gaining hands-on experience that would be very hard to come by in the United States, and learning about medications and what it is like to work in pharmacy. I would not trade this experience for anything, it was humbling and challenging, and I learned something new every day. I will return home with a different view on life and with an invigorated view on the power of medicine and collaboration in a professional setting toward a common goal

Eva Kohout


Spending my Spring Break in Jamaica was such a wonderful experience. I am leaving with a new outlook on medicine and a new appreciation of life. The need in this country is unbelievable. I could not imagine not having access to a clinic or hospital in my town or having to travel miles on foot to visit a doctor, just for Tylenol or vitamins. The Jamaicans are so appreciative of everything they have, a sentiment seldom seen in the United States. This trip has truly opened my eyes and I am forever thankful to CAMEO for the hands on medical experience I obtained this week. This experience has solidified my intent to practice medicine and carve a place in my heart for Jamaica. I will most certainly be back.

Morgan Anderson


The trip overall was a complete success. I loved the education I obtained from the experiences in the clinic.  I loved all of the different positions I had and different cases I saw.  Everything really touched my heart.  Some of the cases were harder than others and I wish that I could do more for them.  I did not anticipate the amount of poverty that I saw. I knew that it was bad but I had no concept.  The trip was definitely an eye opener and life changer. It reaffirmed my passion for medicine and I will be back next year.

Ashley Ingram


So many great experiences that it is so hard to put into words.  I have eaten curry goat, mango ice cream, and had my mouth burn for hours from jerk. I have heard so many times before of people going on mission trips, and being touched and changed by the trips. The truth is, I never truly understood what this meant until I worked with the people of Jamaica this week. I watched a man who will never be able to get out of bed again, fill the room with happiness, when he found glasses that allowed him to finally see clearly.

I talked to people who truly understand the idea of being thankful for what you have. The people of Jamaica definitely hold a place in my heart. The friendships I acquired this week are also something that I will always cherish. Saturday we were strangers, today, we are a band that cannot be described on paper. I will always be grateful to CAMEO for giving me the opportunity to touch so many lives and be touched myself.

Jennifer Rhodes



It is hard to put into words the experience I’ve had on this trip, without crying that is. Tears of joy. Tears of happiness. Tears of sadness. Mama Keen and Dr. Keen were totally right about either loving it or hating it. I truly loved it. It has left such a deep mark on my heart like no other. I knew this trip was going to change me but the degree of change was unexpected. The first day of clinic impacted me the most. When we arrived everyone was cheering and singing. They gave a devotion and I cried. I felt that I accomplished what was needed to be accomplished. The amount of information I learned is unbelievable. Not only about the medical field but also the country of Jamaica. I have made a new family and home. One that I will cherish forever.  I will continue to give as much love and energy to those who need it. I will come back to Jamaica, until then I will share and dream all that I have experienced.

Todd Dimmick


Mama Keen and David have created something so special that I feel words cannot describe what this trip does to a person. It changes you in so many positive ways. This trip has truly reminded me why I study until 3 in the morning almost every other night. On this trip you truly learn many things, but one of the most important things is that it is much better to give than to receive. I got way more from the people we saw than they got from me. To them, they got a few pills but to me, meeting them meant much, much more. I came on this trip hoping to come closer to God and little did I know that God was going to do his work though me like I have always asked him for. To Mama, I can’t wait to see you again and to David, I cannot wait to go on a trip where I get to work with you. You will always have a doctor for trips when I get out of med school. I have learned so much about medicine. I now know I have a true calling and God has a plan for me to help people for the rest of my life. I love you all.benefits.