Jennifer Jallo



I am so thankful to have experienced this life changing journey with amazing people. From the medical team, to Mama Keen, to all of the Jamaicans who cooperated with us the entire trip. I came on this trip thinking I was going to impact so many different lives, to find out that it was my life that would forever be changed. I am inspired to come back and hope when the time comes next year, I'll be able to apply for trip leader. I cannot stress how much I have learned on this trip in a short four days. In these days I have not only learned about medicine itself, but the different ways people work in different environments, and most importantly the strong faith these people hold onto. I have never seen a community with so much hope and faith regardless of their situation and that makes me feel so grateful. This trip has only strengthened my passion for medicine and serving the lord. I know that no matter where life takes me, I'll always remember CAMEO and the everlasting effect it has had on me as a student, and friend. I came to this trip hoping it would be an experience I couldn't find anywhere else and it turned out to be exactly that. Again, I am so blessed to have had this experience and I am already so excited to come back! 

Berose Prosper


Last year I had the opportunity to go on a medical mission trip with CAMEO to Dumay, Haiti.  It was not just a cultural and clinical experience for me, but  a life journey.  After, the 2016 trip, I applied to be the 2016-2017 Mission Trip Coordinator and received the position.  Through this process, I learned what it takes to be a good leader and a team player.  I am extremely grateful that I had another opportunity to take part in this experience, and bond with the students in my team, the interpreters and health care personnel. During the 4 days of clinic, we saw and helped over 600 patients including serious medical cases.  I hope to continue going on medical mission trips and be a part of the solution for places that lacks proper health care.

Morgan Anderson


The trip overall was a complete success. I loved the education I obtained from the experiences in the clinic.  I loved all of the different positions I had and different cases I saw.  Everything really touched my heart.  Some of the cases were harder than others and I wish that I could do more for them.  I did not anticipate the amount of poverty that I saw. I knew that it was bad but I had no concept.  The trip was definitely an eye opener and life changer. It reaffirmed my passion for medicine and I will be back next year.




When this trip began I had no idea what to expect, I had traveled before but never in the name of community service. With that in mind all I knew was that I was going to keep an open mind and an open heart, soaking up all the new experiences. I believe what surprised me the most about this trip was how far reaching the hand of just one doctor can be, with strong leadership and a small team of motivated individuals we were able to help more people than I imagined. 

This mission was not just about Jamaica but it was about finding my individual purpose as well. The more time we spent in clinics the more apparent it became that the people of Jamaica needed our help, and the more apparent it became to me that my purpose is in medicine. The spirituality of Jamaica has seeped into my blood and inspired some serious introspective analysis of my life, my goals, and my relationships. I am amazed at how this mission trip has shaped my view of not only the world but also of myself. 

Jennifer Rhodes



It is hard to put into words the experience I’ve had on this trip, without crying that is. Tears of joy. Tears of happiness. Tears of sadness. Mama Keen and Dr. Keen were totally right about either loving it or hating it. I truly loved it. It has left such a deep mark on my heart like no other. I knew this trip was going to change me but the degree of change was unexpected. The first day of clinic impacted me the most. When we arrived everyone was cheering and singing. They gave a devotion and I cried. I felt that I accomplished what was needed to be accomplished. The amount of information I learned is unbelievable. Not only about the medical field but also the country of Jamaica. I have made a new family and home. One that I will cherish forever.  I will continue to give as much love and energy to those who need it. I will come back to Jamaica, until then I will share and dream all that I have experienced.

Nicholas Guevara



The first trip I went on a lot happened. Unfortunately, we lost a little girl and I always had to deal with knowing that the girl went through me on vitals and I didn’t catch her temperature in time and even though I know that it wasn’t my fault at all and nothing we could’ve done would’ve helped it marked me for life and made me scared of messing up and actually causing immediate harm in whatever I did. On the second trip I came on, I was very skeptical about the team because after a trip like 2016 you share emotions and connections are made with complete strangers. I was surprised to have this team surpass my expectations, I experienced very loving and caring people and I enjoyed being with every single one of them. 

This trip assured me of what I wanted to do and what I need to do in order to be successful in life and in my near future if I ever want to lead a group to my home Country of Colombia. 

On this trip we were fortunate enough to not have any patient pass away while under our supervision. I take that as a huge win on this trip. I also love knowing we shattered the past record of patients seen. Hopefully translate to being better prepared.