Jamaica is an island of the Greater Antilles, approximately 145 miles in length and 50 miles in width. It is situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 90 miles south of Cuba with a population of 2,765,370.

We travel to two main areas for our mission work: Portland and Clarendon. The Jamaica mission trips are usually adventurous and rewarding. No two days are alike which makes it interesting. You will be introduced to the flora and fauna of the country, the exotic foods, and of course, the Blue Mountain Coffee. We will be traveling through the mountains and by the sea to give you a cross-sectional feel of the country. You will be among the local Jamaican people and on your last two days, you get to experience being a tourist and stay at an all-inclusive hotel.


Officially named the Republic of Haiti, Haiti is a Caribbean Country located in the western portion of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. The total area of Haiti is approximately 10,714 sq. miles and its capital is Port-au-Prince. The last reported population count as of 2011 was 10,179,557.

We travel to a clinic in the village of Dumay for our mission work.





ALL team members must have the necessary paperwork prior to leaving the US and all these forms can be found under the "Volunteer" page.

Pack lightly and remember your bathing suits and towel.
* One dressy outfit for dinner at the hotel
* Scrubs are worn in the Clinics and comfortable shoes
* Shorts and tees are appropriate for non-clinic days
* Flash light, umbrella, sunscreen and bug repellent


The cost for the trips for Jamaica is $700. This fee includes lodging, transportation, meals (3 per day), site attractions (Dunns River) and the 2 day all-inclusive hotel.  It does NOT include airfare.

The $525 fee you pay will cover the costs of lodging, transportation and meals (3 per day). It does NOT include airfare.  Sometimes we may decide to stay the last 2 days at another hotel in the capital city and this will cost additional; however, you would be notified prior to signing up for the trip if this is so.

We can book your tickets for you but sometimes there is some local consideration, flight preferences and reimbursement issues that may prohibit it. It would be preferred if you make your own arrangements.

JAMAICA - You will need to fly into Norman Manley Int’l Airport in Kingston, Jamaica and return out of Donald Sangster Int’l Airport in Montego Bay.

HAITI - You will need to fly in and out of Toussaint Louverture International  airport in Port-au-Prince (PAP).