1. What is the cost of the trips and what is included?
    The costs of the trips are as stated below and DOES NOT include the airfare.  The fee covers transportation, food (3 meals) and lodging for the week. Jamaica - $700.00 / Haiti - $525.00 .
  2. What is NOT included?
    Airfare and spending money for any of the island attractions, souvenirs and snack foods.
  3. What languages do they speak?
    English is the official language of Jamaica.  In Jamaica they also speak Patios which is basically a broken form of the English dialect.   In Haiti, the two main languages spoken are French and Haitian Creole; however, we will have interpreters present at our clinics.
  4. Do I need a passport?
    Yes, you will need a passport to travel to Jamaica or Haiti .
  5. Do I need to get any shots?
    Shots are not required for any of the countries we visit; however, we recommend you check with your physician.  Most of the countries we visit have low threats of Malaria and are risks for Hepatitis A&B; however, we have never had any  team member  contact  any disease on any of our past mission trips. We recommend you have your tetanus shot updated. For Haiti, especially due to the January 2010 earthquake, chlorea has spread throughout this country.  We also recommend the vaccine for Typhoid.
  6. Is the country we travel to safe?
    All countries have their own share of crime; however, the chance of encountering any danger is very slim.  We do take precautions not to go to any areas that are known for higher crime rates. 
  7. Can I eat the food and drink the water? All the food prepared for our trips is safe for consumption.  While the pipe water is safe, we recommend drinking only bottled water at all times.  In Haiti, under NO circumstances should you drink the local water – only drink the bottled water provided by us.  The pipe water is OK for bathing. 
  8. What is the weather like?
    Majority of the countries we visit are all warm weather countries having average temperatures in the 80’s with July/August typically being the hottest months.  

  • Jamaica: Low 80s to Low 90s with high humidity
  • Haiti: High 80s to low 90s with extreme humidity