In memory of Dianne, our past Public Relations board member, CAMEO has formed the Dianne Keen-Binger Educational Scholarship Fund to award needy students who have shown a desire to further their education in the poorer areas of the countries we serve on our medical mission trips.

CAMEO will also be granting an award to a CAMEO volunteer who is currently pursuing a medical career and who has gone above and beyond in helping our organization to reach its goals.

All awards will be administered yearly according to the wishes of the organization.  The size and number of awards will be based on the current funds available that are raised via our various fundraising events and through individual donations and corporate sponsorships.

In order for a student to be eligible for a scholarship award, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be interested in enrolling in a High School, College or Vocational School;
  • Be a native of Belize, Haiti or Jamaica;
  • Be from a poorer section of the country;

To apply, the Student or Parent needs to provide a letter that justifies why financial assistance is needed and the school and career they wish to pursue.



On one of our trips to Trio, Belize, we were astonished to learn that the average family size was 10 people per family.   In these very poor areas, we found out that mainly the men work and mostly at the plantations and farms for only $23 Belizean a day. Youngsters drop out of school due to lack of funds to go on to High School, which costs approximately $350 US a year.  As a result of this, the young ones (15-16 year olds) end up starting a family of their own. 

After talking with several young ambitious teenagers they stated they would love to attend High School; however, their families could not afford it.   CAMEO would love to help some of these kids and so we have formed the Dianne Keen-Binger Scholarship Fund to address these types of needs. 

Since its inception, we have awarded several scholarships and would like to continue to do so with your help. Two of our students have already graduated college and are now giving back to their community as teachers.

Help us break the cycle of teenage drop-outs and further a child’s future.  Donate today.

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